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We provide meaningful opportunities that engage youth in learning about law and the American Judicial System while fostering critical life skills.

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The rule of law is a system of laws, institutions, norms and community commitment that ensures accountability, just laws, transparent government, and accessible justice. These four principles help to define "rule of law" and form the basis for equality of all citizens before the law.

MYLaw facilitates programs that help to instill the rule of law in our young people - the next generation of leaders. Through programs such as Mock Trial, Teen Court and Law Links, students learn about the law, legal profession and system of justice - while honing life skills that will help them in college and career pathways. Over its lifetime, MYLaw has impacted the lives of thousands of Maryland youth - and we can't do it without your support. I hope you will consider making a donation - no matter the amount, it will make a difference to the kids in our programs.

All donations are tax-deductible! For more information about our programs, please visit us at Thanks for your time!